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Op-Doc: Taller than the Trees

This slow burn of a film has found a home at Op-Docs. I'm so pleased to see the work of Megan Mylan, Mike Chin and Emily Taguchi make its way to the New York Times. And, of course, I love that the quiet, thoughtful choices and big heart of Masami Hayata have found an audience. As the film's editor, I haven't met Hayata-san in person, of course, but it was a joy to spend several weeks in the edit room with him.

The delights and secrets of the Trenton Free Public Library

Yesterday, I had the very great pleasure of spending the late afternoon and evening in a dusty, windowless room at The College of New Jersey. My host, Professor Terry Byrne, had generously offered the use of their beautiful dinosaur of a Steenbeck -- one of the last, it seems, in central New Jersey (as Princeton U has just trashed theirs) -- and, more importantly, the expertise to help me relearn it's controls. "Don't worry," he said, "it's like riding a bike." He was right. It does come back. The sound, the smell, the wonderful tactility of the film, the whack of the splicer. But what doesn't come back is the troubleshooting. It was great he was there. Our mission: was to go through o

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